Alvin Chung

Alvin Chung has developed his leadership skills tremendously as a member of ICfE’s Youth Council. His work in leading the team on the 2021 Illawarra Youth Covid Survey and Report was outstanding.

We wish Alvin all the best as he pursues his career as an Engineer and his passion for enabling youth to enjoy cycling, a project that he has been engaged in while a UOW student.

Reflection from Alvin Chung:

“First and foremost there should be a mention to the members of the Illawarra Centre for Enablement. Diann Healey, our director has been a massive help in my development in becoming a more capable person through serving the community, with a step-back approach to create a safe environment to challenge ourselves but always offering a helping hand when needed. Our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without all our members, Ben Healey, Ben Johns, Amar Sultan, Cellina Zayya, Julia Messore, Tristan James and Cooper Taber who all put in the hard yards to complete the COVID-19 Youth Survey Report, host our event “Grill n’ Chill’ (kudos to Cellina for coming up with the name!) and who are now working on targeting the recent aboriginal referendum issue. It’s been a great pleasure working beside an amazing and committed team.  

In reflecting upon my experience with the council it feels important to mention the skills you will learn are not for yourself, but for others. There are so many issues nowadays and it’s easy to feel a bit helpless to the situation. Working with the youth council has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and shifted my mindset to know that there is always there is always something that can be done to make the situation better and that you are capable of doing it.”