Youth Council and the Voice Referendum

Youth Council Members were involved with the organising of the Voice Referendum Discussion Event on 14 September 2023 at the Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow. 4 Members took the opportunity to ask their questions on the Voice to constitutional law expert Eddie Synot, a...

2023 Voice Referendum Discussion

An Evening with Indigenous Lawyer, Eddie Synot on the Indigenous Voice Referendum Soon we will be asked in a Referendum whether to alter the Australian Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by creating a body called the Aboriginal and Torres...

Reflection from Alvin Chung

Alvin Chung Alvin Chung has developed his leadership skills tremendously as a member of ICfE's Youth Council. His work in leading the team on the 2021 Illawarra Youth Covid Survey and Report was outstanding. We wish Alvin all the best as he pursues his career as an...

Reflection from Youth Council Member, Cellina Zayya

Cellina Zayya has been a conscientious, enthusiastic and innovative member of ICfE's Youth Council and has refined her leadership skills while taking on several projects in the Youth Council. She communicates with confidence and has been a pleasure to have on the...

ICfE Youth Council Timeline of Achievements

20 September 2023 Youth Council engages in ICfE's Voice Referendum Discussion with Wamba Wamba man and Constitutional legal expert, Eddie Synot 13 August 2023 The Youth Council since May 2023 has been involved in understanding the Voice Referendum and is preparing for...

Enabling Youth

High School and University students are invited to identify their career path, develop their leadership capacity and confidence to make a difference.

Enabling Women

Women are invited to enact their unique potential and leadership capacity and live their personal or professional life with clarity of purpose and courage to achieve their vision.

Enabling Men

Men from diverse backgrounds are invited to enhance their capacity to lead authentically and make a difference, and advance inclusion and diversity.


Organisations are invited to develop their emerging and established leaders and organisational culture through engagement with the Centre’s programs to enable personal and professional capacities of its members.


Illawarra communities are invited to engage in thought-provoking public forums to advance the civic life in the Illawarra and its contribution to Australia at large.

Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey

Experienced Leader & Enabler
PhD (UOW); MEd (Pastoral Guidance); BA (USyd); GradCertBusinessCoaching (UOW); DipEd (USydSIAE)

The Centre has been founded by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, an experienced leader and enabler of executive women, men and youth from diverse backgrounds and organisations to lead authentically and courageously and make a difference.

Vision & Mission

The Illawarra Centre for Enablement has emerged from a passion to enable youth, men and women in the Illawarra to live their personal and professional lives with confidence, clarity of purpose and courage, and be successful. The Centre also aims to make a difference in the civic life of Illawarra communities and develop knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.

Enablement Services


A range of Enablement Services are being offered to enable individuals, groups, communities and organisations in the Illawarra. These services will include Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Facilitation, Workshops, Seminars, Enablement Public Events, Bespoke Enablement Programs for groups and organisations. 

Enablement Services will achieve the gaining of emotional intelligence, motivation and clear strategies to address complexities, develop personal mindset and capacity to take action to live a personal and professional life true to purpose and strengths. 

Organisational leaders will benefit from in-depth exploration of issues and principles underlying them to achieve strategic outcomes and develop personal capacity to lead authentically and with impact.

Diann is a qualified and experienced transformational change agent who values that each of us strives to do our best and that with constructive assistance that is enabling, we can each be impactful and live a happy and fulfilled life with purpose, and that our workplaces and communities can benefit immensely when each of us is aware of our own power and this collective power is valued by organisations and communities.


Career Direction & Development

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If you are not sure what career path to take or are unhappy in your job or are at a career cross-roads, then this service is designed to enable you to identify what career might best suit you and how to move forward.  

Personal Life Direction & Growth

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If you want to discover your purpose in life and live aligned to your unique purpose, then this transformational process will enable you to identify your calling, your values and live a meaningful life. You will be enabled to live authentically and purposefully, thereby making a difference that only you can contribute to the world.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Development

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Confidence describes how we feel about our ability to perform roles, functions and tasks. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, whether or not we feel worthy or valued. This service will enable you to develop your capacity and mindset to understand your situation and implement strategies that will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Achieving Goals

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Knowing what you really want and how to achieve it is critical to Goal setting.  This service will crystalise for you how to set goals that motivate you and how to effectively achieve them. It will enable you to navigate potential barriers and be confident in your purpose-driven attitude and actions to achieve your goals. 

Leadership & Management

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This service will assist you to develop and advance your leadership or management performance by unlocking your unique potential and developing your capacity and confidence to lead strategically and maximise your impact. You will learn how to apply your knowledge and capacity to lead in different contexts including in your workplace. Be valued for strengthening your organisational capability. Strengthen your career success to advance your professional journey to make a difference.

Issue Management

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You will be enabled to critically analyse an issue, identify risks and impact and develop a plan to treat the issue, monitor and review it.  You will also be enabled to address specific problems related to your issue including the breakdown of trust, conflict, disengagement, poor performance and change management.

Civic Enablement


To advance the civic life of the Illawarra community and promote the quality of life in the Illawarra, the Centre will engage the community in public forums to explore topics of significance and relevance, share lived experiences, insight and knowledge for collective sense making, thereby raising the civic life and engagement of Ilawarra citizens and improve personal and collective decision-making in the region. 

You are invited to join the ICFE’s community to be updated regularly about upcoming public events and Bespoke Programs. Please provide your details via the Contacts page. 

“Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey provided valuable guidance and advice to support me in my leadership role of ACE NSW. Our morning meeting was productive and energising.”

Heather Causley FACE NSW State President ACE Australian College of Educators

“My very first coaching / mentoring session with Diann changed my entire outlook on my job, my professional life and my own capabilities.”

Kate Britt, Director People and Culture, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

“I would highly recommend Diann to men and women alike who are in the need of business coaching or mentoring. My sessions with her have been invaluable.”

Shirley Chowdhary, Counsel, Group Treasury, Westpac

“I would recommend Diann to anyone requiring a mentor to direct their work life. Her personal approach is very supportive and allows you to take charge of your own destiny.”

Anja Nivala, CEO, Community Options Illawarra Inc