Testimonials of Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey

Organisational Culture & Leadership Development, Facilitation,

Coaching and Mentoring 

“I highly recommend the leadership coaching work of Diann Rodgers-Healey. Diann’s is a highly engaging, supportive and perceptive men-tor with an active listening approach. I felt totally at ease and through a process of creative exercises, insightful questioning and plenty of time to reflect in creative ways I was able to discover and explore what fundamentally drives me as a person. Something I have been able to take into all aspects of life. It has been a grounding experience for me and helped bring real purpose and focus to my workplace. An exciting place for me to be.”
Ellen Randell, Senior Coach Rowing Australia

Ellen Randell

Senior Coach, Rowing Australia

“There are few people who can find the fine balance between motivator, cheerleader, mentor and inspiration. Diann is certainly one of those people. I connected with Diann at the end of a tough job under a difficult boss and I had a goal of learning techniques to ensure that when I started my business, a few years down the road, I never became that kind of leader. Within four sessions, Diann quickly checked that box and her insightful and directed coaching motivated me to stop waiting and push aside the fear that kept me from jumping into my passion. She mentored me through the development of my business strategy and her voice of inspiration cheered me on as I got my first and second clients. I expected Diann to be knowledgeable about leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, and business structure; she most certainly knows that stuff. But I was so overwhelmingly grateful to find someone who intuitively understood me, someone who would challenge me while supporting me, someone who pushed until I could see the best in me, someone like Diann. My practice is more focussed, my vision is clearer and my work is more impactful and I have Diann to thank.”

Cesalee Stovall-Smith

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist and Consultant

“Diann’s ability to listen and ask pertinent questions encourages you to develop future directions from your own vision and understanding of leadership. This combined with her experience and wealth of knowledge in leadership, leads to practical insights gained through dialogue that lead to positive outcomes for yourself and colleagues.” 

Gary Quinn

(fmr) Assistant Principal, St Peter & Paul Primary School, Kiama NSW

“I recently engaged Diann Rodgers-Healey as my business coach and mentor and came to her after reading some of the work that she has produced in the area of gender diversity and leadership. It is my absolute pleasure to write this testimonial on her behalf.  Diann has a very easy and friendly manner and has maintained this demeanour in all her interactions with me. Engaging in active listening, Diann has offered me a different frame of reference through which to consider my business development. Asking the right questions and leading me to see my development from a different perspective was perhaps the most valuable part of Diann’s business coaching.  Although Diann offers guidance, mentoring and coaching, there is never any hint of her sitting in judgment. This brings a strong sense of “feeling safe” to all of Diann’s sessions.
I would highly recommend Diann to men and women alike who are in the need of business coaching or mentoring. My sessions with her have been invaluable.”

Shirley Chowdhary

Counsel, Group Treasury, Westpac

“Dr Diann is a wealth of information, resources and insight when you’re looking to make changes in your career. If you’re in a position (leadership or otherwise) where you need someone to take you outside of the box, consider her for a coaching opportunity.”

Pamela Zorn

Executive Officer and Chairperson, New Castle

“I have been fortunate to have received mentoring from Diann Rodgers-Healey for 3 sessions from August to November 2012. These sessions provided me with a boost to my self confidence which has assisted me to take control of my work situation and produce the results that I had been producing previously and had allowed to lapse due to an upsetting event in my work life. I would recommend Diann to anyone requiring a mentor to direct their work life. Her personal approach is very supportive and allows you to take charge of your own destiny.”

Anja Nivala

CEO, Community Options Illawarra Inc

The Cram Foundation has had the pleasure of working with Diann over the past year to assist in the development of a values based leadership program for our Management team and staff. Diann is a leader who brings a unique vision and genuine approach to her work. Diann took an open and consultative approach to understanding our organisation, our industry challenges, our strengths and areas for further development. The end result was a program design that was practical, innovative and deeply centered on values based content whilst her facilitation style was motivational, empowering and positive. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others seeking to work with an “out of the box” authentic facilitator.

Karen Burdett

CEO, The Cram Foundation

“Diann has provided coaching for leaders within the University. Her calm, open style and passion for people moving forward has resulted in extremely effective coaching sessions with senior leaders.”

Lorraine Denny

Manager, Professional and Organisational Development Services, Human Resources Division, University of Wollongong

“Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey provided valuable guidance and advice to support me in my leadership role of ACE NSW. Our morning meeting was productive and energising. Diann demonstrated a genuine interest and outstanding inter-personal skills in this mentoring session, building my capacity to lead a team of highly experienced educators. Diann shifted my focus from overcoming barriers to how to achieve key objectives. Her ability to identify the immediate and future challenges in our strategic planning process and her ideas for advancing the organisation were both insightful and visionary. I would recommend Dr Diann Rodgers – Healey for her skills as mentor, coach, motivational speaker, workshop leader and agent of change.”

Heather Causley

FACE NSW State President ACE Australian College of Educators

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“My very first coaching / mentoring session with Diann changed my entire outlook on my job, my professional life and my own capabilities. I have never had a coach or mentor who helped me so quickly see myself and my professional world with such clarity. Diann worked with me to define my thinking, identify my owns skills and potential and turn ideas into clear action. Diann challenged my th inking and gave me the tools to independently continue to do so, both in work and in life. Diann’s approach is gentle, supportive, incredibly intuitive and insightful. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Diann, what she does and what she stands for.”

Kate Britt

Director People and Culture, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

“My coaching session with Diann Rodgers-Healey was like a breath of fresh air. I was at a cross roads in my career, unsure about which direction to take and whether I had the necessary skills translate a seemingly unrealistic idea into reality. Diann’s personable approach and thought provoking question style enabled me to clearly articulate what my vision was and the processes I needed to work through to successfully achieve it. Diann helped me to gain insight and appreciate my qualities and past experiences and how these could be used to develop both professionally and personally. It has reignited my passion and literally put a spring in my step the moment I le ft her office.”

Rebecca McPhee

Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Wollongong NSW

“A business coach has been as important to my life as my physical fitness trainer: fitness of mind and fitness of body go hand in hand and it’s really useful to have an extra hand to help. Thank you Diann for coaching me through a challenging, and successful, transition in my
work life.”

Professor Sandra Willis

University of Wollongong

“Diann has a rare gift of seeing deep within you. This insight can be confronting, revealing, challenging, but always uplifting. Diann’s guidance and advice was a life changer for me. Thank you Diann! If you think you’ve figured out all the answers (and all the questions too), but something still doesn’t feel quite right… Diann is the woman for you.”

Carol Berry

Chief Executive Officer, Illawarra Women's Health Centre NSW

“Diann has a way of cutting straight to the heart of an issue, using her strong diagnostic skills to great effect. But what s he also brings is a warmth and an ability to build rapport quickly – an essential in any mentor or coach relationship. From this basis, and using a range of techniques, Diann is able to work ‘with’ you to come up with new or revised strategies. With Diann you will engage in purposeful discussions that lead to tangible benefits.”

Dr Michelle Anderson

Director, The Tender Bridge, Australian Council for Educational Research (Melbourne)

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Diann during a very turbulent time in my organisation. With Diann’s coaching I was able to clearly see some of the previous hidden options. With a better understanding of the situation I was then able to develop an action plan and execute one of the toughest challenges of my career. Diann’s style was gentle but she really pushed me to open up my mind and think about an issue from multiple perspectives.”

Mitchell Thompson, PGi

Organisational Development Manager, Asia Pacific, Sydney