Hello! My name is Cellina and I am 22 years old.

I am currently in my fifth year of completing a Bachelor of Economics and Finance/Bachelor of Laws in UOW, expecting to graduate at the end of 2022. Alongside studying, I also work with a financial services expert to assist Australian Financial Services Licensees with their s 912A obligations and to overcome compliance challenges. Recently, I also completed a legal internship at a law firm in Sydney. 

Although expanding my skills and advancing my career professionally is important to me, empowering others is something I have always been passionate about, particularly those who are less advantaged and those who have had their rights infringed upon.

In high school, I was President of Amnesty International and would also tutor refugee children as part of the S.C.A.R.F Mentorship Program which I found very rewarding. With my parents fleeing the war in Iraq, I feel very fortunate to have been able to grow up in Australia with access to education and healthcare and I feel a strong need to give back.

Although many issues exist in our society today, I believe that both education and the use of our voices are two very powerful tools to create positive change. Joining the Youth Council is an outstanding platform to implement those tools and to enable youth, women, men, and underrepresented individuals from all backgrounds in the Illawarra to live a purposeful and happy life.