Alvin Chung talking to potential members about UOW’s Cycling Club

Youth Council member Alvin Chung has been working on a solo leadership project to assist and improve UOW’s Cycling Club for students.

He recently co-MC’d an event for the Club titled, Bikes for Good on 12 May 2022 that 35 UOW students attended. He corresponded with speakers regarding their talk, planned and co- MCd the event with another student. He introduced a number of speakers at this event and asked them questions and did everything to connect the speakers and the audience.

Alvin has also been working with me on enabling the club to improve its strategic planning and raise awareness and membership engagement. We met with Juliana Cavalieri and Caro, the Club’s Executives on 25 February this year to discuss the strengths of the Club, its aims and options for growth and strategies it could apply.

Alvin says, “The purpose of the Club is not only to provide a sense of community, but to use available resources to help those who could benefit from it. By focusing our efforts on marginalised and disadvantaged students we aim to proved an equal opportunity for all. As for my involvement, I have been intensely involved in event organisation, fixing bikes as a bicycle mechanic, participating in networking events and managing social media for the Club.”

Alvin has impressed the Club’s Executive who have asked him to join their executive team.

Well Done Alvin Chung!