For Individuals and Small Groups

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Do you live your life embracing your authentic Self?

What would your life be like if you could be who you really wanted to be in your personal and professional life?

The Illawarra Centre for Enablement’s ‘Embrace Your Authentic Self’ program will enable you to evaluate your life and get in touch with your authentic Self, and live life being who you truly are. This inspiring one-day intensive program steeped in reflection, discussion and exercises in a caring, safe and confidential environment is life changing. You will transform your Self enabled to courageously take the steps needed to be who you want to be in your day-to-day life and in your aspirations. 

This program is being offered for individuals and small groups for maximum engagement and impact. Program participants have the option of one-on-one follow-up face to face coaching and mentoring sessions as they implement their learning to be their authentic self, navigate barriers that arise and strengthen their purpose and power. These sessions will be offered at a discounted rate only to program participants.

This program will be facilitated by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, Director of the Illawarra Centre for Enablement. Diann is a qualified and experienced transformational change agent. More info about Diann and the Centre is at

If you are interested in doing this program as a one-on-one or as a group, then please contact Diann ( to discuss this further.